Anonymous said: How do you handle the hate you get?

I don’t. I just completely ignore it. I’ve gotten so much hate, I feel like i’ve become numb to it.

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Anonymous said: what type of music do you like?

I really love music with a meaning. It doesn’t really matter what genre. 

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claretal1 said: Hey Selena did you like my messages which I have sent you and can you please send me a reply love alex xxxx

Sorry! I’ve been busy and I have another TUMBLR. Follow me @

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claretal1 said: Hey Selena today I ordered my Selena Gomez sweatshirt with you picture on it and im going to collect it on Monday so will be wearing it over Christmas and I've finished wrapping up all my presents for my family and friends and I would like to wish you and your family a lovelly Christmas and I love you so much Selena Gomez and your my favorite girl in the whole world and I'm so sorry for crying about spring breakers Selena and i hope you understand and i will always support you love Alex xxxx

You’re just adorable.

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Anonymous said: Is it hard being away from Justin?

It’s always hard being away from someone you love so much.

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Anonymous said: What do you when ur not that busy.

I get on the internet, I go out, dance, hang out, chill home typical things :) lol.

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Anonymous said: Anything new?

Yes, I have a single coming out hopefully this month. The latest i’d go in releasing singles is February.

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My other two Tumblrs.

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Anonymous said: Who/what makes you strong?

My family.

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Anonymous said: What pet do you prefer to have?

It doesn’t really matter to me. :)

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